Top Benefits You Gain From Using a Portable Bong for Your U.S. Pot Smoking

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Portable Water Pipe

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If you are looking for the best device to use for your weed-smoking pastime, then look no further than a portable bong. It might seem like an “old-school” way to do it, but there are actually many benefits that you can enjoy by doing so.

Highly Efficient

One great thing about using a bong is that it is a very efficient way to conservatively smoke your weed. Since the herb is not constantly lit, you save more of it in between hits. This is in stark contrast to smoking a joint or a dab rig where the cannabis is always on fire.


By using a portable smoking device, i.e. a bong, you can take it with you and enjoy your marijuana wherever you go. Since bongs come in all manner of shapes and sizes, you can buy one (or more) that suits your needs.

Healthier For Your Lungs

When you smoke marijuana with a bong, the smoke travels through the water which acts as a natural filter. This keeps out much of the impurities that are present in the smoke that comes from a pipe or a joint. There is no ash or tar present in the smoke from a water bong which is great news for those who may have breathing problems.

Better Flavor

When you smoke your weed with a portable bong, the flavor is much better because much of the harshness is removed. There are also no added flavors from such things as rolling papers.

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