Top 3 Reasons To Only Use Realtors For Your Next Home Purchase

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Real Estate

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RealtorsWhen you are in the market for a home you have a lot of options for professionals that want to work as your agent. The best option for an agent in Bend, Oregon or across the state is to work with a Realtor. Realtors can be agents for either the buyer or the seller and, in some situations and with full disclosure, they can also work for both.


There are many different reasons why Realtors are the best choice for home buyers to use. These reasons will be the same in Bend, Oregon as they would in a major center like New York or in a small rural area of Texas. In essence Realtors are highly trained, professional and licensed, just like a real estate agent, but they also abide by a set of professional standards and ethics that the agent is not required to follow.


Local Knowledge


A Realtor is a local person that is familiar with the areas that they sell. They may sell in several different cities, including Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas, but they are familiar and knowledgeable about the communities.


This means that they can give you an idea of the schools, the neighborhoods and the surroundings, plus they have a good understanding of home prices, number of days on the market and other relevant data that can help you when making an offer. Realtors work just for you, as the buyer, and are ethically required to work on your behalf.


Full Understanding Of The Process


There are many different steps in buying a home. Realtors can help you go through each step with a full understanding of your options. They can also handle all the contracts, paperwork and negotiation on your behalf with the seller or the seller’s agent.


Help You To Pinpoint Your Needs


Sometimes people aren’t really sure what they want in a home, especially if they are first time home buyers. Realtors, with experience in working with buyers, can ask the questions you need to think about to ensure that the house that you buy is the one that you want to be in for years to come.


Working with Realtors as the buyer, or as the seller, gives you a helpful, knowledgeable professional that is there just for you. If you are buying a home in Bend, Oregon be sure to look for Realtors before you get started with the process.