To Use a General Dentist or Oral Surgeon When Having Wisdom Teeth Removal in York PA

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Dental Care

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Wisdom teeth are accredited as such because they present at a later stage of life when an individual is presumed to be acquiring more knowledge. It is important to use this reception to intellect when deciding if Wisdom Teeth Removal York PA is the right option, and especially when considering which type of oral professional to trust with the care of dental health.


Wisdom teeth can create a multitude of unwanted scenarios within the mouth that make extraction a viable option, and there are two main professionals entrusted with the care and removal of wisdom teeth. The first is a dentist, and the second is an oral surgeon. There are several reasons to select one over the other when considering wisdom teeth removal.


A dentist is trusted with the fine majority of tooth care for most people; this makes it completely practical to also allow them to handle the removal of wisdom teeth. Since wisdom teeth removal is a common and minor procedure, most cases are preformed in office under general painkillers without a hitch. This is an ideal situation for anyone that wants a very quick in and out procedure. An in office procedure with someone that already knows the dental history eliminates the bother of finding another professional, any any possible hospital visits.


An oral surgeon is someone who is specialized specifically in surgeries that involve the oral and maxillofacial areas. An oral surgeon is the better candidate for any wisdom teeth extraction that is needed due to harsher complications. Such case examples are those that involve teeth that are buried partially or fully under bone, teeth that are too close or entwined with nerves, or teeth that are interfering with the sinus cavities. Most cases that are extremely susceptible to complications are referred to an oral surgeon. Anyone who wants to be sedated while the surgery is being preformed is also sent to an oral surgeon since a general practitioner dentist does not deal with anesthesia.


There are many different complications that can be presented by wisdom teeth, and there are many benefits to each specialization to be taken into consideration when thinking about Wisdom Teeth Removal York PA. When selecting a medical professional it is always best to look into their specific strengths and how they apply to a particular case. But, the most important thing is to find someone that is focused on maintaining maximum oral and dental health.