Tips to Help You Know When You Require Swimming Pool Repair in Suffolk County NY

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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Owning a swimming pool is both exciting and fulfilling. The problem, however, comes in when your pool needs some repairs. In some instances, you might even not be in a position to tell whether your pool needs repair. Seeking the assistance of experts who deal in Swimming Pool repair in Suffolk County NY would be a step in the right direction to ensuring your pool serves you for many years to come. Below are some tips of testing your pool for problems:

Perform a bucket test

This test involves filling a pail with water and placing it on the steps of your pool. The water in the pail is allowed to stand there for three days. The ideas is to expose the water in the pail to the same conditions as the pool water. After the three days, the temperatures of the pool and that of the pail water is taken. If there is a disparity, then you should know that your pool is leaking and should be checked by an expert as soon as possible. You can get such experts from Sky Blue Pools Suffolk County NY.

Examine the pipes

A leak in the pipes can be discovered by performing a pressure test on them. You should then dig up the lines where the pressure is too low until you discover the leak. If the leak is being caused by a huge crack, you might have to replace the entire line otherwise the pipe will just be welded to seal the cracks.

Examine the concrete pool walls

The cracks on the walls are best discovered with the help of a food color material. As you do this, the pump should have been turned off at least one hour before the exercise. The food color tends to be sucked up into the cracks. Repairing the cracks would require the pool to be fully drained before a contractor can be called in.

When you regularly check your pool using the above-mentioned tips, you can be sure that your pool will serve you even better. Whenever you discover a problem in your pool, do not hesitate to procure the services of experts qualified in Swimming Pool repair in Suffolk County NY. For more information, Visit website: