Tips For Talking With Your Medical Marijuana Doctor For A Follow-Up

Patients in New Port Richey, FL, will need to meet with their medical marijuana doctor after their initial appointment. The patient may request these follow-up appointments if they have questions or concerns, or they may be required to stay active in the registry.

While the first appointment with your medical marijuana doctor is to determine if there are qualifying medical and psychological conditions for a recommendation for medical marijuana, the follow-up calls offer greater time to talk to the MMJ doctor about any issues or questions you may have regarding the use of medical marijuana.

Share Any Concerns

Although very rare, some patients may experience some adverse affect of medical marijuana use. The medical marijuana doctor can make recommendations to patients experiencing any negative effects. Different strains, formulations, or combinations of CBD and THC may eliminate or reduce unwanted side-effects.

Timing of Use

Depending on the specific symptoms the patient is managing with medical marijuana, changing the time of use or formulation can help address any efficacy issues. Different strains or types of medical marijuana products can also provide a more effective treatment of their condition.

Talk to your MMJ doctor at follow-up calls to adjust your use of medical marijuana. These medical professionals have the training and the knowledge to assist patients throughout New Port Richey, FL, to obtain the best health and wellness results from the use of medical marijuana.

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