Tips for Reducing the Smell of Garbage and Trash in the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and the temperatures rise with the sun. For many, as the day heats up, so does the smell that comes from your garbage. This can make being in the kitchen a challenge. If you’re looking for ways to tame that beastly odor on hot days, consider some of the following tips.

Wash It Out

Before placing any garbage in your refuse container — including food cans, drink bottles, fish wrappers, and meat trays — take a few minutes to rinse it out. This will help reduce the smell so that your kitchen doesn’t stink.

Don’t Overfill the Trash Container

If you’re like most people, you have to take your trash from the house to the larger container outside, where garbage disposal in Waterloo, IA, can pick it up. If you’re also like most people, you wait until the trash container is full before taking care of this task.

During the summer, to help reduce the stink inside your home, you may want to consider taking the garbage and trash out more often. This will require more trips outside, but the stink will be gone.

Clean and Disinfect the Trash Can

Cleaning the inside and outside of the trash can helps reduce unpleasant odors that may be hiding there. You’ll want to use bleach to kill any odor-causing bacteria. After you have cleaned the container, consider adding baking soda to the bottom to help soak up any lingering smells.

Keep Trash Cans out of the Sun

Keeping your trash can in the sun hastens the decomposition of organic material inside it, which can lead to bad smells. Move it to a place that’s shadier and keep the lid closed as often as possible.

The stink of trash and garbage can be unbearable, and the summer heat can make it worse. To reduce the smell, don’t forget to have it picked up regularly by garbage disposal in Waterloo, IA. At Rite Environmental, we handle residential, commercial, and municipal waste hauling and recycling, so contact us at for answers to any questions you may have.

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