Tips for Preparing a Senior Loved One for Assisted Living in Johnston, IA

by | May 23, 2024 | Assisted Living

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Transitioning a senior loved one into assisted living can be a significant life change for them and their family. It’s a decision often filled with mixed emotions, from relief to apprehension. However, this transition can be easier with careful planning.

Here are tips to help prepare your senior loved one for assisted living in Johnston, IA.

Open Communication

Communication is key when discussing assisted living with your loved one. Approach the conversation with empathy and understanding, acknowledging their feelings and concerns. Listen actively to their thoughts and preferences and involve them in decision-making as much as possible. By fostering an open dialogue, you can address any fears or anxieties they may have and work together to find the best solution.

Research and Visit Facilities

Take the time to research your chosen senior living facility in Johnston, IA. Consider factors such as location, amenities, staff-to-resident ratio, and the overall atmosphere. Arrange visits to potential facilities, allowing your loved one to see firsthand what each has to offer. Encourage them to ask questions and express their opinions during these visits, ensuring their needs and preferences are considered.

Plan for Personalization

Help your loved one make their new living space feel like home by planning for personalization. Bring familiar items from their current home, such as photos, decorations, and favorite furniture pieces. Work with staff at the assisted living facility to arrange the space in a way that is functional and comforting for your loved one. Creating a familiar and personalized environment can ease the transition and promote a sense of belonging.

Emphasize Continuity of Care

Highlight the benefits of continuity of care that assisted living in Johnston, IA, can provide. Assure your loved one they can access professional assistance and support whenever needed. Discuss the services and amenities offered by the facility, such as medication management, meal preparation, and recreational activities.