Tips for First-time Parents Looking for a Preschool Near Vaughan, Ontario

When it comes time to send one’s child to preschool, parents feel a lot of emotions. One feeling that’s common among first-time parents is hesitation. With so many preschools near Vaughan Ontario, how does a parent know they’re making the right choice? Here are some tips to make the process go a little smoother.

Visit the Preschool Twice

The first visit should be a parent-only visit. During this visit, parents get the opportunity to speak with the staff and learn more about the programs offered and get a feel for the place. On the second visit, parents should bring their child and see how they like the school and how the staff interacts with the child.

Choose a Center With Flexible Hours

Not all parents need a preschool with flexible hours, but many do because of their work schedules. Some preschools only offer normal Monday-Friday school hours that coincide with the local elementary school hours. Others might offer before and aftercare programming for an additional cost. If parents think they might need extended care options, it’s important to choose a preschool with that flexibility.

Security Is a Must

Parents want to leave their children with trusted providers in a secure environment. Today’s preschools often have advanced security that includes video monitoring in all public spaces and secure check-ins and check-outs. Parents should never feel bad about asking about the school’s security protocols.

Parents looking for a preschool near Vaughan Ontario with an established program trust preschools with a long history in the area and enriching programs.

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