Tips for Finding Maid Services in Orlando

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Cleaning

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Maid services in Orlando must be thoroughly vetted before a homeowner hires them. The maid may spend time alone in the home, so they must be trustworthy and professional. Before hiring maid service in Orlando, homeowners should consider some of the following tips. These tips will help the homeowner ensure that they are getting the best cleaning service possible.

Ask Around

Currently, most maid services in Orlando are hired based on word-of-mouth references or online websites. Both of these options allow the homeowner to gain a better understanding of the type of person that they are hiring. Homeowners can ask their friends or neighbors for references. Likewise, they should research some of the online reviews to make sure that the maid service is professional and punctual.

Drug Testing and Background Checks

Before hiring a cleaning service, homeowners should ask about the company’s background and drug testing policy. Maid services in Orlando should do a background check and drug test on all of their maids before they start work. By doing this, the company prevents liability problems with employee theft or on-the-job accidents. If the homeowner is hiring an individual maid, they may need to do these sorts of checks and tests through a third party.

Using a Cleaning Checklist

The most reputable cleaning services will provide the homeowner with a checklist of the different tasks they will perform. By reading through the checklist, the homeowner can easily figure out which cleaning services are included in the price. If the homeowner needs a specific service, like dishwashing, that is not included, then they should ask for a price quote for the additional service.

Look Around at Different Price Quotes

Different cleaning services may have different fees, charges or hourly rates. In general, most services are able to offer a general quote for a specific home. Before choosing a specific cleaning service, the homeowner should find out what the normal price is for a property of similar size to their home. The prices of different companies should be similar. Sometimes, a service that is insured and bonded will cost more. Since the homeowner is bringing the maid into their home, they may want to spend a few extra dollars to make sure that their home is safe by paying extra for a bonded company.

Supplies and Equipment

The last thing that homeowners should consider is the equipment required. Some maid services in Orlando will bring their own cleaning products and equipment to each job. At other cleaning services, the homeowner must provide the equipment. Depending on the homeowner’s setup, it may be worthwhile to spend more money to get a cleaning service that brings their own equipment. In addition, some homeowners may want to provide the supplies so that they can save on the cost of the maid service.