Tips For Comparing Moving Companies In Chattanooga, TN

Making a choice between different moving companies in and around the Chattanooga TN, area can seem like a difficult task at first glance. However, by using a structured approach to comparing the various moving companies, it can be simple to narrow down the selection to the top handful of movers.

Type of Move

As a general type of guideline, small moving companies working in the Chattanooga, TN, area tend to offer local moves. These moves can be defined by moves within the city limits or moves within a relatively small geographic radius from the city.

Long haul or long distance moves are anything outside of the local moving geographic range or any moves crossing a state line. As there are different requirements for these types of movers, it is important to verify any long distance mover is FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation) registered.

There are also international movers. Most companies offering national moving services also provide international moves, but it is always important to verify this information.

Types of Quotes

One of the big factors most consumers consider when comparing moving companies is to check on the quoted price for the move. This is also not the same between companies, and it is essential to know if the quote is non-binding, binding or not to exceed binding.

Non-binding quotes are just an estimate and can change dramatically with the actual weight on the truck. As this is impossible to know until moving day, it is the least desirable option. Binding quotes are the exact price the customer pays for the services requested with the quote. Additional services added on changes the amount.

A binding not to exceed quote is the maximum amount the customer pays. Should the weight on the truck be less than anticipated, the price can go down. If the weight is more, the customer does not pay anything in addition.

Knowing the type of mover needed as well as the type of estimate or quote provided are two critical factors in comparing movers.

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