Tips for Commercial Boiler Maintenance in Bremerton WA

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Commercial boilers are designed to heat water and create steam that can be used to produce heat for large buildings. They need to withstand extreme temperature changes and operate at high efficiency, so keeping them in good shape requires a certain amount of maintenance. When they follow these tips for commercial boiler maintenance in Bremerton WA, business owners will find that their equipment lasts longer and operates more efficiently.

Regular Cleaning

Soot, minerals, and other debris can build up inside a boiler’s tubes. Even a coating of residue that is only 0.03 inches thick can reduce the efficiency of the appliance by as much as 10%, and as more residue forms on the inside of the boiler, it will only become less efficient and more likely to break down. Have the boiler tubes professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Maintain Water Quality

Dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, and other minerals can be removed from the boiler during annual cleanings, but it’s often a better idea to prevent them from getting into the system. Talk to a plumber or a service technician about solutions like installing a water softener.

Adequate Insulation

Steam or condensate piping that isn’t properly insulated will reduce the efficiency of a boiler and place any employees who come into contact with it in danger of being burned. Make sure that any surface that heats to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit is insulated, and check to make sure that the insulation is in good shape every few months. It will improve the system’s efficiency and help to increase its longevity.

The quality of the water used in a boiler can dramatically impact its operation. Prevent aeration by using a de-aerator and try to avoid using hard water in the boiler. Water high in dissolved minerals or organic materials will eventually damage the equipment.

Maintain Accurate Logs

Every time a professional comes in for commercial boiler maintenance in Bremerton WA, business owners should write down what kind of work they had done. The boiler company will keep its own logs, but it’s good to take notes anyway in case something goes wrong.

Find a Good HVAC Company

Not impressed by the company’s current boiler maintenance team? Browse our website to learn about one local commercial HVAC company that can do better.