Tips for Classic Car Storage in Houston TX

by | May 31, 2018 | Automobiles

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While classic/vintage cars are amazing and can give you a lot of excitement, they aren’t always practical. It’s an investment, and you may even have put in a lot of money to get it running again. Now that it’s running and it looks excellent, you need to ensure that it is stored correctly. Some people have garages at home and can use tarps, but others don’t have the space or don’t want to take the risk. Classic car storage in Houston TX can prevent issues from happening, but only if you choose the right facility and keep in mind a few tips.

Change the Oil/Gas Up

While it does seem counterintuitive at first glance, it’s essential that you change the oil in the vehicle and fill the tank. When the tank is full of gasoline, excess moisture has nowhere to build up, helping to prevent rust. You may also want to use a fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from getting hard. Changing the oil can prevent rust in the engine.

If you’re considering long-term storage, you may want to lubricate the cylinders and remove the spark plugs. Once everything is lubricated, you can put the spark plugs back in or hold them until you decide to drive it again.


Again, before putting it in classic car storage in Houston TX, you should get the car detailed. Dust and debris that’s left on the vehicle can damage or scratch the exterior paint. Interior dirt can attract pests or lead to odors. You should also add a protective waxing to the exterior.

Many facilities offer detailing and servicing. If you use their services, make sure that the technicians know how to handle classic or vintage vehicles. You can also ask about discounts if you use their facility to store your vehicle. For more information visit Alara Garage.