Tips For Choosing Three Phase Transformers

There are several benefits in choosing a three phase transformer over a standard single phase transformer. They are smaller and more compact, they can transfer more power, and they are more efficient, which makes them important in a wide range of applications from power grids to equipment.

Additionally, with the use of three phase transformers in equipment, there is extremely limited variation in the power supplied through the circuit. This means a uniform power supply to an engine or motor, eliminating the natural increases and decreases in the power supplied when a single transformer is in use. With an even, consistent power supply there is limited surging and vibration, extending the life cycle of components in the system.

When choosing from three phase transformers, there are a few essential factors to keep in mind. By carefully comparing options, any OEM can find the right transformer for the specific application.

Custom or Off The Shelf

While it is possible to find an off the shelf 3-phase transformer, this is not always possible or recommended. Choosing a custom designed and manufactured transformer specifically for the equipment or system can extend the life cycle and ensure all required standard and specifications are met.

Options to Consider

There are many different options to consider when selecting three phase transformers, either off the shelf or as a custom manufactured transformer. There are isolation transformers, neutral grounding, rectifier and autotransformers to consider, all which serve different purposes.

In addition to the type of transformer, there are different possibilities with regards to cooling the transformer. In most equipment uses, dry or air-cooled transformers are the ideal solution, while in a large power grid or industrial application the oil filled may be the best option.

By working with a company specializing in the production of custom transformers, designing the ideal component to meet all performance specifications becomes possible. Rarely, if ever, does an off the shelf transformer perfectly match the needs of a system or equipment, creating a potential inefficiency or limitation that should be carefully evaluated.

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