Tips For Choosing An Orthodontist In Hinsdale

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Health

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Typically, the easiest and best way to find an orthodontist in Hinsdale is to ask your general dentist, because he or she is likely to recommend you see one and will refer you to one that is trustworthy. While traditional methods still work, you may want to consider other options and make your own choice instead of blindly accepting whoever your general dentist wants you to see. In that case, you’ll want to consider pre-consultation needs and the consultation itself before making a decision. This may mean visiting with multiple orthodontists to determine the best option for you.


Of course, the first thing to do when seeking out orthodontists is to ask for a recommendation from your general dentist. They are more than willing to provide you with one or two names of people they know that will do a great job. If you find that you or your child dislikes the recommendation, you can also ask others. For example, ask neighbors, colleagues and friends about recommendations and consider teachers and other parents for children’s treatment needs.

If you have financial hardship but still need to consider orthodontists, you may want to contact your local dental school to see if they will help you or who they may recommend.

Make sure to check out all potential orthodontists and their websites before making an appointment to ensure they are licensed and a member of the American Board of Orthodontists. These orthodontists have to keep up with strict rules in order to keep their membership.


When you go in for the initial consultation, make sure you know how long the doctor has been practicing and their experience level. Talk about your needs and listen to what they have to say. Make sure you understand everything and ask for clarification when necessary.

If they don’t specifically tell you, ask about their treatment options to find out how advanced and varied they are compared with others. They may prefer to offer Invisalign braces, but you may just want the traditional metal ones. Ensure they are able to offer the treatments you need and want.

Because you’ll be spending a lot of time in the waiting room and examining rooms, make sure you feel comfortable with the surroundings, the staff and the orthodontist.

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