Tips for Boiler Maintenance in Bainbridge Island

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

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Many homeowners in Bainbridge Island rely on boilers to keep their homes comfortably warm throughout the coldest months of the year. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a cold morning to find that the boiler isn’t working. Proper Boiler Maintenance in Bainbridge Island is the best way to ensure the unit continues operating as intended throughout the winter.

Clean Air Vents and Flues

Even high-efficiency boilers won’t be able to perform well if their air vents and flues are clogged. When the boiler has to work harder to heat the home, it will lead to spikes in energy bills. Homeowners can avoid this issue by checking their air vents and flues to ensure that they aren’t blocked by dust and debris.

Check Water Level

Homeowners should check the water levels in their boilers periodically whenever they are in use. If the water level gets too low, it can cause a fire hazard. While modern boilers monitor water levels and keep them topped off, it’s still important to check the water level manually to make sure this safety feature is working as intended.

Check for Leaks

Boiler leaks can cause substantial damage not just to the heater itself but also to the home. To check for leaks, just turn the thermostat on high and look at the floor beneath the boiler, the main vent, exposed pipe joints, and each radiator. If there are any leaks, turn the unit off immediately and call a heating technician for professional repairs.

Flush the Boiler

If the household has problems with hard water, homeowners should flush their boilers twice each year, once in the fall before the temperatures drop and once in the spring before turning the unit off for the year. This will prevent minerals from building up in the unit, causing decreased efficiency and damage to the boiler’s internal components.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Even if homeowners are conscientious about performing these maintenance tasks, it won’t replace the need for annual professional Boiler Maintenance in Bainbridge Island. The best time to schedule annual maintenance visits is in the fall before temperatures drop. This will allow homeowners to have any damage that shows up during the inspection repaired before it gets too cold.