Three Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Off-Campus Apartment on a Dime

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Student Housing Center

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When you move from your campus dorm to off-campus student housing in Statesboro, GA, you probably won’t have many furnishings or decorations. You’ll also have the income of a college student. While this can make it challenging to decorate your new apartment, there are many ways to personalize your new home on a tight budget.

Go Natural

To get started, bring a little nature into your apartment. You can buy many cheap houseplants to brighten up any room in your apartment. In addition to using trees and ferns for their refreshing green hues, you can find plenty of colorful flowers with pleasing scents. Additionally, collect driftwood, stones, and shells. Put smaller stones and shells together in wooden bowls and use them as table centerpieces.

Throw Some Pillows Around

Pillows are great for decorating on a budget. You can collect pillows of any size to add comfort and express your sense of style. Build up your collection of pillowcases over time. When you get tired of the colors or designs on one set of pillowcases, switch them for another set. This makes it easy to change your apartment’s design on a whim.

Reflect on Adding Some Mirrors

You can add dimension to your student housing in Statesboro, GA, with some strategically placed mirrors. Use mirrors with varying sizes, shapes, and frames to keep things interesting. In addition to helping, you cover up blank walls, hanging mirrors will make your living spaces seem brighter and more spacious. Find beautiful and comfortable student housing at Copper Beech Statesboro when you visit