Three Signs You Need to See a Doctor for Arthritis in Jacksonville

Many people struggle with joint pain, especially as they age. It can be difficult to decide when to see a doctor, but waiting can negatively impact your health. If you’ve been struggling with joint issues, here are three signs you should see a doctor for arthritis pain in Jacksonville.

Multiple Affected Joints

While arthritis does often occur only in one joint, rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain in several joints. This condition can cause severe damage over time, so it’s important to visit your doctor as soon as you notice additional pain. Joint pain throughout the body can also be indicative of other health conditions and needs to be evaluated.

Pain That Won’t Go Away

Many people treat their arthritis at home, but if the usual tactics (like ice and rest) are no longer relieving pain, it’s time to see your doctor. Your arthritis may need more aggressive treatment, or you may have another condition altogether. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy or even surgery to try and clean out the joint.

Red Joints

Red joints are common in individuals with arthritis, but they can also be a sign of something more serious. Many injuries, such as a dislocation, can cause red joints, but you could be looking at an infection or even tumors in the bone or cartilage. When it doubt, it’s always best to see a healthcare professional.

If you’re experiencing arthritis pain in Jacksonville, it’s time to see a doctor. Head to to learn more about your treatment options.

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