Three Motivational Myths sure to Bring you Down

At some point, most of us will hit a wall in life that leads to the search for “truth”. The truth about living is different for all of us, hence the challenge. Motivation is the one thing that keeps all of us moving forward, yet we have been fed many myths about what keeps us motivated. A Las Vegas motivational speaker who knows what’s what will tell you there are three myths to be aware of when seeking truth in life. Here they are:

  1. The Journal of Goals: Being told to keep a journal with clearly defined goals is a favourite motivator for life coaches and motivational speakers. However, if you have to write down your goals, chances are you either have too many, or they are too complicated. This is what is interfering with your ability to stay motivated. A better idea is to look at goals in manageable bites. Then write down your accomplishments. Accomplishments are the ultimate motivator.
  2. You are doing your Best: Telling yourself you are doing your best is the best demotivator. This is an easy out to justify your failures. Instead, you have to raise the bar and be determined to excel beyond your best. You want to outdo yourself. Not your neighbour or co-worker, just yourself. Think of an athlete who is always trying to improve on their personal best. That is your goal; that is your ultimate motivator. Set the bar high for your goals and perfect them in baby steps. Record them in your journal of accomplishments and move on to doing even better for every goal you set. You are your own competition, and this is the most effective motivational strategy.
  3. Visualize your own Success: The big trick to becoming rich, healthy, loved, etc. is apparently just imagining it to be so. Unfortunately if life were that easy, we would be living in Eden. Imagining your own success is the best way to wake up each day and see you have failed. You want to focus on one thing and one thing only: Your belief you can succeed and the knowledge you will have to work for it. Nothing comes to you through the air. It takes hard work. Be positive you will succeed and work towards each goal to see that success come to fruition.

A good Las Vegas motivational speaker will help you stop draining your energy on dreams and start setting realistic goals you can meet by working.

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