Three Methods For Pinching A Lacrosse Stick

by | Aug 27, 2012 | Sports And Games

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The game of lacrosse is dependent on the lacrosse stick, which has been altered over the years in many ways. The modern lacrosse stick will be crafted mainly from plastic, but with a metal shaft that holds the plastic head in place. Leather strings or nylon are selected to create a net or a pocket, because these materials are strong and durable. Men’s lacrosse stick heads can reach 10-inches in width, whereas women’s will be up to 9-inches wide. Regardless of the sex playing the game, the stick will be made up of two main parts, which are the pocket and the shaft. To make your lacrosse stick suit your needs, learn the three most commonly used methods for pinching the stick.

Lacrosse Stick – Method Number One

The first and probably the easiest method to pinch your lacrosse stick would be to place it on a flat surface with the head facing your feet. The shaft should be pointing in the opposite direction. Lean slightly, so that you can take hold of the shaft and bring it in the direction of your body. As you do this a few times, you will notice that the pocket or the head on the stick will narrow slightly. You can continue this step until you reach the desired narrowness, which will make it much easier to catch the ball when it is being thrown to you during a game.

Lacrosse Stick – Method Number Two

Some players prefer to pinch their lacrosse stick with method number two. Imagine you were about to conduct a face-off with your stick on the ground. This is how you should begin the second method, so that the sides of the head will gradually be manipulated. When the lacrosse stick is placed in this position, you need to apply some pressure, so that the correct amount of force is applied to pinch the stick correctly. Be sure to complete this on both sides, so that the stick is pinched equally.

Lacrosse Stick – Method Number Three

Method number three is also known as the ‘baseball glove method’. This is a relatively simple method that you can complete prior to or after a game takes place. Take a lacrosse ball and place it in the lacrosse stick’s webbing. With some rope, tie the ball securely to the webbing but avoid tying it too tightly. Following this, you should place the stick into a freezer or a cold space for a number of hours.  By doing so, the pocket will mold so that you can play your next game with a stick that suits your playing style.

You can gain complete control of the lacrosse ball when you pinch your lacrosse stick properly. If you are seeking out a new stick that will last you for quite some time.