Three Dishes Commonly Found on Sushi Platters in Hilo HI

One of the many wonderful things about Hawaii is how much fresh, excellent seafood is available. Hawaiians eat more fish and other types of seafood on average than residents of almost any other state.

While there are many ways to enjoy the bounty of the sea, many believe that properly prepared raw fish of certain kinds are the most delicious. Providers of Sushi Platters in Hilo HI like Zippy’s Restaurants make it easy to allow an entire party of people to enjoy this special experience.

A Fresh, Delicious Selection of Sushi and Other Treats

Sushi Platters in Hilo HI are available in many different forms, with some local establishments offering a dozen or more options. Some of the individual preparations that most often crop up in such collections include:

 *     Nigiri.

 *     The small packet called “nigiri” is what many think of first when the subject of sushi comes up. Slices of raw fish like tuna are carefully inspected and then pressed onto individual mounds of rice that has been seasoned with vinegar. For many sushi fans, this is the best-balanced way to enjoy certain types of raw fish, as the rice and vinegar provide an especially complementary backdrop. In addition to cuts of prime oceanic fish, nigiri is also often made with ingredients like sea urchin, too.

 *     Sashimi.

 *     A popular alternative is to serve certain types of fish or other fresh ingredients entirely alone. Many popular sushi platters include slices of tuna in this “sashimi” form as well, for example, so diners can choose their favorite ways of enjoying the versatile fish. Some purists believe that certain species of fish should only ever be enjoyed as sashimi, with any more complicated preparation detracting from the experience.

 *     Spam musubi.

 *     As with quite a few other places in the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands welcome the processed, canned pork product known as “Spam.” While the ingredient is enjoyed in quite a few ways in Hawaii, one of the most distinctive is a dish called “Spam musubi.” Small slices of grilled Spam are set atop blocks of rice and tied on with bands of flavorful seaweed.

Easy to Order for Any Occasion

As a look at the website will make clear, there are many more specific and different options to look into. Ordering a sushi platter can be a great way of making almost any gathering or occasion more special.

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