Three Common Myths About Cyber Security Training

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Education

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One of the most dangerous and detrimental things companies fail to do today is providing cyber security training for employees. Most of them have reasons for not providing it. Others fail to see the importance or feel it is unnecessary. If there is a breach, it’ll be too late to find out how important this training is. Here are three misconceptions many business owners and managers deal with.

My Business Is Too Small to Be Targeted

Small businesses can think they are too small for cyber criminals to waste time on. This couldn’t be further from the truth. More than half of breach victims today are small to medium-sized businesses. Even more frightening than this statistic is the fact about 60 percent of the small businesses suffering a cyber attack is totally out of business inside of six months.

I Don’t Have Time to Allot to Cyber Security Training

On the one hand, this can make sense, but just a little logical thinking can debunk this notion. One single phishing email opened by an unknowing employee can infect the company’s whole network. This could lead to every critical file being encrypted or destroyed. The result could be days of no business operations. It could be weeks or months of halted business for others. Spending a few hours a month to train a few key employees could prevent this entire scenario.

Trusting Technology Too Much

The third misconception why companies fail to invest in cyber security training is putting too much trust in technology. They completely trust and rely on cyber security architecture, firewalls and software programs. These can offer a level of protection, but the danger comes when someone thinks these are ways to manage the risks. It is far safer to realize these defenses can be breached. Employees should be trained on what to do if and when that occurs.

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