Three Benefits of Living in a Student Apartment in Greenville, NC

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Student Housing Center

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One decision that you will have to make every academic year while in college is whether to stay in on-campus dorms or the nearby student apartments. While living in a college dorm is cheaper, living in a student apartment has many benefits. Some of them are discussed in the following sections.

1. Select Your Preferred Roommate

If you live in a college dorm, you will have to live with other strangers as your roommates. The good thing about living in student apartments at East Carolina University is that you can select your preferred roommate. You can live with whoever you want, whether your friend, family, or spouse.

2. Many Amenities

Most student apartments feature high-end amenities to improve their tenants’ experience. These amenities include gyms, swimming pools, general stores, restaurants and more. The amenities provide room for engaging in many fun activities.

3. Save Money

Staying in student apartments at East Carolina University can help you save money in many ways. For instance, you can spend less on meals by buying groceries and cooking at the apartment. Taking advantage of in-house amenities like the gym and swimming pool can also stop you from using money elsewhere.

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