Three Basic Styles Of Bedroom Sets

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Furniture

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The bedroom is a private place for adults. It is a place to shut out the world if you are a teen. For children, bedrooms are whatever they make them. Yet, to furnish them to suit your taste, you need to find the right style bedroom sets. This can vary and, certainly, no two homes in Battle Creek will have the same style.

Three Basic Bedroom Furniture Styles

When it comes to selecting a specific style, you have many options from which to choose. Among the most popular in the Battle Creek area are the following three:

1. Contemporary
2. Traditional
3. Amish

Contemporary Bedroom Style: Its clean lines and simplistic aesthetics distinguish this style. When looking for contemporary bedroom furniture, consider the following:

 * Simplicity in design and space – sometimes interpreted as cold or sterile
 * Crisp, clean lines
 * Low height beds e.g. platform
 * Matching armoires, dressers and night stands
 * Dark tones of wood meeting steel
 * Brown and cream tones that complement the furniture pieces

If you add a few scatter rugs in bold colors, you can create a modern, clutter free but comfortable bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom Style: The focus of this style is on elegance and grace. It is a classic style featuring:

 * Symmetry and balance
 * A preference for poster or sleigh beds with engraved bedposts
 * Wood furniture, often heavy and dark or light and ornate predominate
 * Smooth edges to the bedroom sets
 * Classic or royal designs and colors

When furnishing your bedroom in the traditional style, make sure you balance the elements. Bedside tables are positioned directly adjacent to the bed. Keep artwork to a bare minimum and avoid any metal, plastic or modern materials

Amish Bedroom Style: For classic, stylish, comfortable furniture, Battle Creek residents often turn to Amish furniture. The characteristics of this bedroom style are best described as:

 * Handcrafted
 * One-of-a-kind
 * Natural, harmonious, solid wood
 * Attractive
 * Durable
 * Richness

Although often plain, it is impossible to deny the powerful impact of Amish bedroom furniture with its timeless beauty.

Bedroom Sets: A Style for Everyone

Everyone has their own style. They choose their type of bedroom furniture based on a variety of factors including budget, current fads and their own fondness for a specific type. Personal taste often plays a significant role in selection. The result is a cacophony or harmony of items and designs within the bedrooms of Battle Creek. In the selection of bedroom sets, people can express their individuality in a way that celebrates it and their connection with their home.