Things You Should Take On Your Kilimanjaro Climb Tour

Kilimanjaro climb tours are an exhilarating experience, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people. When on your tour, you will see mountain top views, plenty of wildlife, and spectacular scenery. There are many things that you should take with you to be prepared for the climb. The climb tours are available for beginner to advanced climbers, so you should have no problem in getting to the top as long as you are well-prepared.


Clothing to Take


The weather at Mt. Kilimanjaro can be unpredictable at the best of times. You should make sure that the inner lining of your clothing is wicking, not cotton. Wicking allows heat and moisture to move away from the skin, while still allowing air to get through the fabric. A waterproof coat is also a must, as rain is often present when you reach the higher ground. If you have a sun hat or other form of headgear, then make sure that it has a chin strap. The strap will keep the hat from blowing off, and it can also help to protect you from the sun, so that you don’t get burnt or dehydrated. Kilimanjaro is a long climb, and on your trip you want to make sure that nothing ruins your experience. You should also consider taking a sleeping bag that is rated F/-25 degrees C or colder. Nights can be both hot and cold, and an extra thick sleeping bag will ensure that you stay comfortable.


Other Necessities


First aid supplies are important during any climb, so make sure that you take the basics. You should not go on any hiking adventure without first aid supplies. Many people who climb Kilimanjaro often go with a guided tour, and these professionals should have first aid supplies available as well. Africa is full of biting bugs, mosquitoes, and other irritants, so it is important to go prepared. Water is another vital part of your expedition. Guides will often boil water for you along the way to sanitize it, but it is still best to have your own supply if at all possible, so that you can stay hydrated throughout the climb. As long as you have the necessary equipment, and a good tour guide, then you will be able to have a safe and amazing experience.


Climb Kili offers Mt. Kilimanjaro climb tours at various times throughout the year. View their website for further information on tour availability.


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