Things You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening in Dubuque

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Dental Health

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Teeth whitening at your local dentist is probably the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment. It may cost more than home kits, but it is more effective, longer-lasting, less time-consuming, and safer than doing this yourself. Teeth Whitening in Dubuque is not for every patient, but it is a good cosmetic process that allows most people to enjoy whiter teeth and a great smile. The following will cover a few facts you need to know about in-office teeth whitening.


Who is not a good candidate for teeth whitening?


The process of teeth whitening involves a bleach-like gel and sometimes a laser for gel activation. While people with healthy teeth and gums are usually good candidates for this cosmetic whitening solution, others are not. If you have gum disease, sensitive teeth, tooth discoloration that is not responsive to whitening, or a medical condition that affects whether you can safely have whitening, this is not a good treatment for you.


What can teeth whitening do for you?


When you are a good candidate for dental bleaching, it can reduce stains and discolorations and provide your teeth with a higher level of whiteness. Gray discolorations are not apt to respond to whitening, but yellowish and brownish stains usually do. The level of whiteness that is achieved will vary between patients. The best benefit is that it vastly improves your self-image which gives you the confidence to smile bigger and brighter.


Who gets their teeth whitened?


Anyone who wants to have whiter teeth and is a good candidate according to their dentist can have this cosmetic treatment done to whiten their teeth. Celebrities use this on a regular basis as do most other people who work with the public. Singers, public speakers, sales people, and other professionals often have their teeth whiten at the dentist once or twice a year. It is also a good solution for a first date, your wedding, or for any event or occasion where you want your teeth to look as white as possible.


The only real downside to this treatment is that it can be expensive and unless you have special cosmetic dental coverage with your insurance, it will come out of your pocket. Using in-office dental bleaching over home care kits is safer and less likely to make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold. Lundell and Hoy Dentistry provides quality Teeth Whitening in Dubuque for anyone who wants to enhance their smile.