Things to Know Before Using a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City, Oklahoma

Many people are not all that familiar with the process of getting a friend or family member out on bail. Those who can pay the full amount of bail in cash or put up valuable property as collateral may not need to use a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma, but many people will. Understanding how the process works can make things a little easier.

Necessary Information

In order for a bail bondsman to be able to arrange bail, it’s necessary to provide him with the full name and booking number of the person who was arrested. It’s also necessary to know the city where the jail is located and the name of the jail as well as the amount of bail needed.


When using a bail bond agent in Midwest City Oklahoma, there is a fee on the premium that must be paid to the bondsman. This fee isn’t refundable, and the allowable amount varies by location, typically ranging from around 8 to 20 percent of the amount of the bond. In Oklahoma, there isn’t a set maximum for the fees allowable, so it may be worthwhile to check with different agents to see if one is charging a lower fee than another.

Need for Collateral

A variety of different items can be used for collateral when arranging for bail. These include cars, bonds, jewelry, stocks, and homes or other types of real estate.

Risk Involved

If the person gets rearrested, the original bond will be surrendered, and then two new bonds, including new premiums, will need to be paid to get the person out again. The premium on the original bond will be lost. If the person doesn’t show up to court, then the person who put up the money for the bail bond may lose all that money as well as any collateral. There is typically a short amount of time to get the person turned back into jail to avoid losing this collateral, but this can vary based on the court and the history of the defendant. As long as the defendant winds up back in jail within the grace period, there’s a chance that the collateral won’t be lost.

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