Thigh Liposuction as a Weight Loss Alternative

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Health And Fitness

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If you have excessive fat on your upper or lower thighs, it can not only be a source of personal embarrassment when you are unable to walk without your thigh meeting, or when you cannot wear boots because your ankles and calves are surrounded by fatty tissues, but it can also be a severe blow to self-esteem. The shape of legs, especially for women, has long been a cultural touchstone which is internalized by many women, and when one’s legs are fatter than the ideal, it can have psychological consequences.

Many Texas women with excess fat on their legs and thighs are self-conscious about the dilemma and seek ways to reduce fat and have slimmer legs. However, it is often easier said than done, and no amount of exercise seems to do the trick. Even if a woman if happy with her body shape otherwise, the thighs can be a huge stumbling block to adequate self-esteem, especially if no amount of exercise or changes in diet can seem to have an effect. For many women, this is a lifelong problem, and liposuction in Dallas is a possible solution.

For women who are not obese and are within range of their ideal weight, a liposuction procedure may only involve a couple different areas on the thighs in order to slim down the appearance of the leg. The high external area and the high inner area of the thighs are the areas usually subject to liposuction treatment in Dallas.

Full thigh, liposuction, however treats the entire circumference of the thigh all the way from the groin area to the knee, and is a possibility for many women who suffer from excessive fat in the thigh areas, and some women have lost as much as five to eight pounds just due to this procedure.

Men do not seem to be as self-conscious about fat on their thighs, as it isn’t a cultural aesthetic ideal. Nevertheless, partial or full liposuction in Dallas for the thigh areas is available to men as well.

Lower leg liposuction can be performed by specialists in Dallas if necessary. This procedure usually involves body contouring of the calves and ankles.

A full discussion and consultation with a credible doctor should be undertaken before seriously considering liposuction in Dallas. Some women suffer from certain disorders which cause them to believe that their body shape is fat, when in fact the medical reality shows a dramatic lack of fat, muscle and tone. The physician responsibility to refer such patient’s to counseling is paramount.