These Are the Best Ways to Introduce Commercial Turf Equipment to Your Team

Without the proper equipment, your team of landscape professionals can’t do their jobs efficiently. Since the best efficiency comes through proficiency, it’s important that you help your team to get comfortable with new equipment as it’s introduced.

Absent a proper introduction, you may find that your team is using the

commercial turf equipment in ways that are unproductive or unsafe, neither of which is good for your business. To avoid these issues, here are a few tips to help you effectively introduce new equipment to your team.

Collective Choice

One great way to help your team with their proficiency with a particular piece of commercial turf equipment is to make them active participants in the buying process. Rather than purchasing equipment based solely on your own research, you can solicit feedback from your on-the-ground employees about what works and what doesn’t.

Using this feedback to narrow down the choices, you can then involve your team in the actual purchase process so they can hear from the seller how the equipment operates. This gives them a headstart on understanding how to use the equipment, meaning it will take them less time to reach operating proficiency.

Work Alongside

Another way to help your team gain proficiency with new equipment is to work alongside them in the field after a new piece of equipment is introduced. One advantage of this approach is that allows you to gain real-time feedback from the people who will be using that equipment in the future.

Another advantage of using the equipment yourself is that you will be better equipped to understand any complaints that might arise as you’ll be more familiar with the operation of the equipment.

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