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Dealing with a dead or dying tree is something homeowners often put off taking care of on their properties. It might seem that leaving a tree standing which looks dead or damaged isn’t a problem if it isn’t visible from the street. However, there are good reasons to remove the tree before it can cause serious problems. A company such as Arborsmith Pro Tree Service, which is experienced in tree cutting services in Gig Harbor WA, can handle the job that could very well be too complicated for homeowners themselves.

The most obvious reason a tree needs to be removed if it is dead or dying is because it’s much more likely to fall over. High winds and storms can topple damaged trees, but the trees have also been known to come crashing down without warning on clear, calm days as well. The weight of a decaying or dead tree can simply become too much for the trunk structure to withstand, causing it to collapse. Trees that aren’t being removed by experienced professionals will fall along the path of least resistance, which might be onto a roof or outbuilding, or, even worse, on someone underneath it.

Compromised trees are also attractive to pests, particularly termites, that live on wood as a food source. Most kinds of termites prefer the wood of dead or dying trees and cause further damage as they eat tree from the inside out. As a result, the tree becomes less stable and more likely to collapse in high winds or just on its own. Even worse, the termites can and probably will find their way into nearby structures, such as homes. Keeping these pests at bay is an excellent reason to have a dead or dying tree removed from a home landscape.

Finally, trees devoid of leaves in the growing season detract from a home’s curb appeal, even if the house isn’t for sale. Neighbors and visitors may wonder why a homeowner hasn’t taken the time to have the tree removed. When a house does go on the market, potential buyers who once saw a dead tree on the property might suspect the homeowner has ignored other, more hidden problems. Keeping a property in excellent shape is in a homeowner’s best interest. Contact us for expertise tree cutting services in Gig Harbor WA.