The Value-Added Benefits of Epoxy Flooring In Miami FL

Adding a professionally installed epoxy floor to the garage of any Miami FL home adds to the look and the appeal of any property. This is important for sale value, but it is also a great way to simply keep your garage in top shape and protect the concrete floor.

There are several benefits to epoxy flooring over other types of flooring options for a garage. Understanding the value this flooring option has is important when comparing the options and determining the best choice.

Durability and Protection

The addition of the epoxy floor, which is a multi-coat application when commercial grade epoxy is used, provides complete protection for the concrete. It is a sealer that also helps to prevent chipping and cracking of the floor. Without this protective coating, natural concrete absorbs moisture, and this leads to surface chipping, cracking and flaking over time.

Options in Colors and Finishes

Unlike other types of do-it-yourself floor options, professionally applied epoxy flooring allows for a personalized look for the floor. Homeowners are able to choose the base color as well as the option to add chips, making the floor look like granite, quartz or terrazzo flooring.

The colors of the chips can be custom selected. This is ideal for the Miami FL homeowner as it allows the flooring to perfectly match with the design and the color scheme on the property.

Stain Resistance

The sealing benefits of epoxy flooring also provide ideal stain resistance. As the flooring is non-porous, spills sit on the surface and do not soak into the coating, making clean-up easy with just the wipe of a damp cloth.

For more significant stains, a neutral pH floor cleaner and warm water are all that is needed, with spot cleaning a simple way to get rid of stains at any time.

The sealing benefits of Epoxy Flooring Miami FL also provide ideal stain resistance.

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