The Services that Are Offered at an Animal Clinic in Windsor Locks CT

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Animal Health

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When you own pets, you want to make sure that you are taking great care of their health. Ensuring that the pet is experiencing great health should be a long-term responsibility, as opposed to rushing to the clinic when the pet gets sick. Here are some of the services that are offered at the animal hospital in Windsor Locks, CT.


When you get a pet from the breeders or the animal shelter, you will need to make sure that it is vaccinated. Here are some of the reasons vaccination is important:

* You will be protecting your pet from many incurable diseases.

* You will be protecting the whole family from getting infections from the pets.

When you are dealing with a competent animal health specialist, they will advise you on the vaccines that are essential for all pet types.

Neutering and spaying

If you own a pet and aren’t interested in creating a litter, you have to neuter or spay it. Neutering is a simple procedure that is done to male pets especially dogs. The procedure simply involves making an incision through the reproductive part and removing the testicles. There are many benefits that come from neutering.


* A neutered dog is easier to train than one that isn’t.

* When you neuter the dog, you are protecting yourself from unwanted lawsuits that could result from the dog mating with other pets.

Spaying is a little bit more complicated and has to be done by a trained animal surgeon.

Nutritional advice

You also need to contact an animal hospital to get important animal nutrition information. The specialist will advise you on the foods that are beneficial to the pet at all ages and make sure that they stay off foods that could cause allergies.

Treatment and care

The animal hospital in Windsor Locks CT is the place to go to when your pet falls ill. They treat all injuries and health complications and also help nurse your pet back to health. In case the pet is too old or can’t get better, they will help put him down.

These are some of the services offered in animal hospitals. For best veterinarian in Windsor, visit Windsor Animal Clinic. They provide the absolute best care possible for your pets.