The Role of a York PA Workers Comp Attorney in Securing Your Settlement

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Law Services

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If you are injured while at work, you may be eligible for benefits from worker’s compensation. However, these benefits are not awarded automatically when an injury occurs. The first step is to file a claim with your employer, which will then be given to the employer’s workers compensation carrier that may decide to deny your claim. If you have had issues receiving the money for your injury, you should contact a York PA Workers Comp Attorney for help.


Why Hire an Attorney for Workers Comp Issues?


Not all workers comp claims will require the help of an attorney. There are some instances where the insurance carrier will quickly pay the benefits to an injured employee. However, there are other cases where it is much more difficult to receive the money that you deserve.


There are many employers and insurers that are very wary of fraud, which may be one reason they do not pay out the workers comp claim. Fraud occurs when an employee exaggerates or fakes an injury so they can receive more of a payout than they deserve. When you hire a York PA Workers Comp Attorney, you will give your legitimacy to the claim a boost, so that the insurer will be motivated to pay. Additionally, if the insurer does finally deny you, your lawyer will be able to appeal this decision in order to help you get the benefits you are entitled to.


Role of the Workers Comp Lawyer


When you hire a lawyer for your workers compensation case, they will offer services in a number of areas on your case. They can help you understand what you are entitled to, and navigate the laws regarding the payout. The laws regulating workers compensation vary from state to state; therefore it is important that you hire an attorney from the state of PA.


Your lawyer will also be able to assess all of the details of your claim to determine the strengths that your case has. This can be the information that is needed to have a successful outcome to your case. Remember it is important to be completely honest with your attorney, to ensure they have all of the information necessary to represent your case.