The Residential Electric Service in Wichita Kansas Can Make Your Home Safe From Fire

Many homes have electrical problems the homeowner is not aware of. Older homes may not have an adequate amperage supply. There may not be enough outlets. Or, they may have aluminum wiring. Newer homes may not have enough circuits for all of the modern electrical appliances, computers, surround sound systems, and other marvels of the electronic age. Many homes have extension cords running in different directions, and all of these conditions can cause a fire.


Everyone should have an electrical system inspection to determine if electrical changes need to be made. Residential electric service in Wichita Kansas area has experienced technicians who can conduct a complete inspection of a home’s electrical system. The technician can also make recommendations about what changes are needed to handle the added equipment and appliances. This will also ensure the safety of the occupants.


Many homes do not have a 100 amp circuit breaker panel which sends the electricity supplied by the power company to the circuits in the home. Each circuit has a fuse or a circuit breaker. Fuses are outdated and should be replaced with a circuit breaker panel. Although a 100 amp circuit breaker panel will meet most codes, a 150 amp panel is more common today. An add-on panel may be required at a point in time if equipment is being added to the house which uses 240 amps.


The Residential Electric Service in Wichita Kansas can add new circuits when the home is undergoing a remodel or when a new circuit is needed to accommodate the additional equipment or appliances. An additional outlet is needed when an outlet has multiple extension cords or devices just to accommodate more plugs.


Residential security is becoming more important today, and a residential electric service company can install a variety of security systems including alarms, outdoor lights, sensors outside the home, and other systems that will enable the homeowner to talk to a person who rang the doorbell without opening the door.


Additional garage lighting is helpful at night when the homeowner arrives home late. This lighting can be installed to go on when the door opens and stay on for a number of programmed minutes. An override switch can be installed to use the lights when working in the garage.

Other new electrical technology can be installed in the home to make life easier and more enjoyable.
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