The Pros And Cons Of Cremation In Renton, WA

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Often when faced with the death of someone you love, you are left with the sad decision of burial options. If your loved one hasn’t left any specific instructions as to what they want done with their remains, you are going to have to make the decision yourself. Many people choose to bury their loved ones and others choose to have them cremated instead. There are pros and cons to cremation that you might want to look into before you make any type of a decision on Cremation in Renton, WA. You can read on below for a few cremation pros and cons.

Pro: The Cost of Cremation

Cremation in Renton, WA is quite a bit cheaper than burial is. Cremation doesn’t require that you buy a casket, which is a huge expense when it comes to burying a loved one. The lower cost of cremation is one reason that people choose it over burial so often in today’s modern world.

Con: Against Some Religions

Quite a few religions still feel that cremation is wrong. You will want to check into the religion of your loved one before you make the decision to go with cremation, as they would not have wanted to be cremated if it is against their beliefs.

Con: Memories

You need to take other family members into consideration when you are deciding whether to cremate your loved one or not. Many family members feel that they need a grave to go visit to be able to connect with the loved one who has passed on. Cremation takes that option away from them.

Pro: Good for the Environment

Cremation is said to be better for the environment than burial, because of embalming fluids that leak through the casket as the body decomposes. If your loved one was environmentally conscious, then this might be the right choice for you.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of cremating a loved one. You should consider them carefully before making any type of a decision. You can visit Cady Cremation Services & Funeral Home for more information and to make arrangements for your loved one today.