The Process of a Teeth Whitening Procedure in Manahawkin

Whether you go to a Family Dentist in Manahawkin or you visit a dedicated cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening are the types of procedures that people get the most. While most people have heard of Teeth Whitening procedures, it’s not surprising that few people know how this process is completed.


What separates an in-office dental teeth whitening procedure from an over the counter teeth whitening products is that an in-office dental procedure will get significant results in a shorter period of time. This is in large part due to the chemicals that are used in the Teeth Whitening Manahawkin procedure. The chemical that is used most often is a high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied directly to the teeth. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide that can be sold over the counter is lower than that of products that dentists can use.


When you go to a family dentist for teeth whitening, the first step is to cover your gums with a painted on rubber protective material. This will protect your gums from any irritation that the peroxide gel can cause. Once your gums are adequately protected, the dentist or the technician will apply the hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and leave it on for increments of 15 to 20 minutes. This will be repeated 3 to 4 times and the entire dental whitening procedure should take just a little over an hour.


For people with excessive staining on their teeth, the dentist may suggest a second office procedure, which can be scheduled at a later date. However for most teeth, you will go from stained yellow teeth to a white set of teeth in a little over an hour. While the costs of these procedures will vary from dentist to dentist, you can expect to pay from $600-$650 for a Teeth Whitening Manahawkin procedure.


If you have noticed your teeth becoming stained, whether it’s from your lifestyle such as foods to eat, the beverages you consume on a daily basis, smoking or you’re just prone to yellow and stained teeth, it may be time to schedule a Teeth Whitening Manahawkin procedure at your family or cosmetic dentist. This is an effective way to reduce staining on your teeth give you a confident and white smile.




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