The Possibility of Home Theater Installation in Seattle Wa for a Family Room or Living Room

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

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Many people would like to have Home Theater Installation in Seattle Wa even though they don’t have a big room they can set aside for this purpose only. They might want the equipment installed a living room or family room, for example. Some men and women wonder if they can have installation in a spare bedroom that is large enough to seat several people. Another possibility would be to hire a contractor to finish an area of the basement and then have theater installation completed there.

Pricing to Expect

People in these situations may hesitate to even get estimates for Home Theater Installation in Seattle Wa as they might have only heard about high-end, expensive projects. While it’s true that theater installation in a house can cost upwards of $100,000, it’s also possible to build a private theater room for around $10,000. Systems to be installed in the living room or family room of a house run even less. Having a home theater experience does not necessarily require wall sconces or stadium seating.

Equipment for Smaller Venues

Some manufacturers produce equipment specifically intended for smaller residential venues. Companies like Olson’s Hi-Fi can install that equipment so the room has surround sound, an ideally sized screen, and the proper lighting for atmosphere. Commercial theaters are not entirely dark while the movie is running, although this is the illusion. Lights are dimmed to a specific level.

Optimum Projection and Sound

A skilled technician can plan a superb installation project in these kinds of rooms with optimum picture projection and sound. Acoustical design is paramount. The screen cannot stand against the wall, as speakers must be installed behind it for the best sound experience. In addition, materials chosen for the walls must allow all sound to travel into the room unhindered if speakers can be set up behind the walls.

Sound Absorption

One important aspect to consider regarding installation of theater equipment is how loud the audio can be without disturbing next-door neighbors if houses are close together. Sound-absorbing panels can prevent some of the audio from leaving the room, muffling the noise to the outside.