The Plumbing Contractors in Bloomington MN Have A Way To Prevent Sewers From Backing up Into the House

A clogged sewer line is one of homeowner’s worse nightmares and understandably so if it backs up and starts pushing sewage out of the toilet and down the hallway. Can you think of a more disgusting problem to have when it is Aunt Millie’s 80th birthday party? When you realize that this could have been prevented by a sewer line inspection, you will be even more upset.


Plumbing contractors in Bloomington MN often will utilize a small video cam which will give a high resolution picture of the condition of your line. This video cam will show any blockage and any buildup on the sewer line walls. Equally important, it will show the condition of the line. Many older homes have clay pipes which are breaking up and cast iron pipes which are rusting out.


Prevention is the best measure for protecting your home’s plumbing system, much like with your car. An experienced plumber can run a video cam into the sewer line and check on the condition of this important drain. If it’s backed up, problems ensue. If it happens, call Plumbing Contractors in Bloomington MN to perform drain cleaning on your lines. The plumbing technician will come out with high-tech equipment and begin their work by running a video cam into the sewage line to the point where it can identify the blockage.


The blockage in most cases is likely to be tree roots which have broken into the line through a crack or they made an opening in a pipe joint. When this happens, the tree roots will form a clog which grows and blocks the line completely. The only way to clear the blockage is to run a high pressure water jet device into the line, bust up the clog with the water pressure, and wash it down the drain. This will also clean some of the debris off of line walls. Drain King, Inc., a local firm serving the area can do this work for both homeowners and commercial locations, as well.


Not all problems will result in the the need for a large drain cleaning, but with pro-active steps, you prevent the large ones from occuring as frequently.


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