The Persistence of a Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia Helps Clients Receive Compensation for Intangible Factors

A serious injury caused by someone else’s negligence can lead not only to long-term physical problems but to negative psychological issues and other intangible effects. Marital relationships can be irrevocably damaged when a spouse has personality changes due to a traumatic brain injury, for example. A Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia represents clients dealing with a broad range of accident after-effects.

Insurance Company Tactics

The insurance company that should be paying the compensation may be giving the claimant a hard time, using stalling tactics or pressuring this person to accept a low settlement. A Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia helps clients fight back, protecting their rights in these circumstances and not buckling under when the insurer is unreasonable. What happened to this client is unfair and may have permanent negative effects on physical and emotional well-being.

Impending Divorce

Before the case is settled with representation by an organization like The Law Offices of Briggs & Briggs, the person who was injured may be facing the end of the marriage. The attorney may decide to include a demand for compensation for this development if there is enough evidence that the relationship was stable and secure before the accident.

Examples of Post-Accident Marital Issues

For example, the other spouse may no longer be able to handle the person’s new self-destructive behaviors, such as excessive alcohol use, which only began after the serious injury occurred. The person who was injured may no longer want to be married if he or she feels like a burden on a still-young, energetic spouse. Depression and anxiety due to post-traumatic stress have become unmanageable, even with psychiatric care.

Preparing for Litigation

If a satisfactory outcome is not forthcoming and the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit is approaching, the attorney will begin preparing for litigation. Since insurance companies nearly always want to avoid going to court, this will escalate the negotiations and prompt the adjusters to offer a more favorable amount for the client. It can be a long road to reach this point, but the patience of the injured person and the persistence of the lawyer will eventually pay off.

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