The Many Different Repair Issues for an Automatic Overhead Door in Melbourne FL

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Garage Doors

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Overhead doors in a home or business, especially those garage doors that are controlled automatically, are a great convenience to those that have to use them. However, as convenient as these doors are, they will often times need repairs.

With the amount of time these doors are used, the mechanisms that control them automatically and the sensors that are used will either need to be repaired or replaced over time. However, it’s important to understand when you can handle the repairs yourself and when you need to contact professional for overhead door repair Melbourne FL.


In many cases, some of the most common problems that you’ll have with an automatic overhead garage door are things that you can handle yourself. For example, if you use a remote control to operate the automatic door, many times these remotes falter simply because of a drained battery. Sometimes the remote wears out or is broken and will need to be repaired. These types of issues can be handled on your own without the need for a professional.


In other instances, you might need the expertise of a professional to handle any overhead door repairs that your home or business automatic garage doors will require. For example, there are, depending on the model, a variety of different sensors that are used to indicate when the door should open and when the doors close.


Sometimes these sensors need to be recalibrated from time to time and in other cases, the sensors need to be replaced altogether. The motors that cause the garage door to open or close can become worn out over time and certain relays that control the speed and the force at which the doors closed will need to be replaced. In these instances, it’s best to use professional overhead door repair Melbourne FL to make these repairs.


If all you have to do is simple replacement of remote control batteries or the replacement of a remote control itself over the life of your overhead doors, you can consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, there are a wide range of different common repairs that will have to be made to an automatic overhead door, and this is where you will require the services of a professional overhead door repair Melbourne FL service.