The Main Benefits to Regular Tree Trimming

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Tree Service

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When working with a tree trimming company in Oahu, you will be made aware of various benefits that come with pruning or shaping certain trees on and around your property. Whether they are large or small, both health and safety concerns may be addressed when talking about having a tree trimmed. Even if the tree is an important or sentimental part of your property, it can receive a trimming and be perfectly healthy, or even healthier, after the process.

Property and Utility Safety

Some types of trees can grow extremely fast and will mature extremely large. They may have branches spanning many feet from their central trunk. This can cause an issue for utility lines and homes in the area. Having a tree branch constantly scraping against your house or roof can cause damage over time which will end up costing you quite a bit in repairs. In addition, a branch that touches overhead power lines can cause temporary outages or flicker in your electricity or phone service. Not to mention during a storm, the added wind and rain weight to a branch can cause it to break. If it breaks onto power lines, the time for repair can be extensive, and outages can be major. The best preventative method is to trim the tree early. Remove the branch in question while keeping the rest of the tree healthy and less of a safety issue for your property and neighborhood utilities.

Health Benefits for the Tree

Many trees can suffer from external and internet health issues caused by fungus or insects. Over time, these damages can kill the complete tree from the inside out. If certain branches are heavily infested by fungus or insects, it may be impossible to treat it with chemicals or non-chemical exterminates. The best option would be to remove the infected branch in an attempt to save the main trunk of the tree. Fruit bearing trees having fungal infections on some branches can also lose their productivity. By removing the branch or branches in question, a tree can continue to provide fruit instead of putting all of its energy into trying to heal the damage. If you are in Oahu or surrounding areas, HTM Contractors has experience in safely trimming a variety of tree types for a number of reasons. Contact us for more information on tree trimming in your area.

Don?t let a damaged or injured tree become a danger to your property. HTM Contractors is a tree trimming company in Oahu that can quickly assess the issue and make the right cuts on trees in your yard.