The Lemon Law for Arizona Explained, Find a Lawyer in Arizona

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Law Services

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Most states have a Arizona lemon law that protects new car buyers from being stuck with a defective vehicle that can’t safely be driven. Most laws state that they have to be repaired in a reasonable timeframe or the buyer can seek restitution in many forms. Arizona has similar laws which state that if your new vehicle can’t conform to all the warranties because of nonconformities, defects, or conditions, a dealer or manufacturer has to make the repairs so that it does conform to the warranty.

The law is violated if your car isn’t repaired through a particular number of attempts or time. Along with such, the law is also violated if the problem impairs the value of your vehicle or your ability to use it.

Violations and Restitution

If you purchased a new vehicle and cannot use it safely, you didn’t get what you deserve and are entitled to recovery. The manufacturer may have to replace your car with a comparable new one or may have to allow you to return the car and refund the full purchase price, which includes any collateral charges.

Hiring a Lawyer

Most people don’t initially see the need for a lawyer, especially when the law seems clear. However, many manufacturers are likely to claim you don’t have enough evidence or may try to settle out of court for a lower agreement. Your lawyer can ensure that you get what you’re entitled. If you do choose to use a lawyer, you can usually recover any attorney’s fees through the lemon law, as long as you win your case and the settlement is prevailing under that law.

The lemon law helps consumers who have purchased a defective new car. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center ® in Arizona to learn how they can help.