The Increased Popularity of Blow Molding In The Plastic Industries

by | May 28, 2014 | Water Proofing

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There are several different ways plastics can be molded into the shape of a desired product. Injection molding is one. Other types include rotational, extrusion and compression molding. Yet when it comes to plastic bottle suppliers, one of the more favored types is blow molding.


What is Blow Molding?


Blow molding is a form of creating a specific product shape. To an extent, blow molding is similar to glass blowing. It is also comparable in its procedure to injection and extrusion plastic molding. In essence the steps are basic.


* Feed raw plastic pellets, powder or beds into an extruder or revolving chamber to be heated until it melts


* After the plastic is melted – usually into a tube form, it is forced into a chilled mold by compressed air


* The force of the air going through this tube-shaped object makes the plastic assume this shape


* After cooling, the plastic is ejected out of the mold


Advantages of Blow Molding


Blow molding has some advantages over other types of molding, particularly for plastic bottle suppliers. Molds are less expensive using this means. Continually improving materials resulting in superior structural integrity have resulted in a preference for this type of molding process in certain industries. In fact, blow molding has begun to replace more traditional approaches to plastic molding.


What is Blow Molding Best Suited for?


Yet, blow molding does have specific purposes. It is best for manufacturing hollow products. It replicates these hollow one-piece shapes or items easily. It can do so at high volumes with uniform quality. This is why plastic bottle suppliers are fond of electing this type of plastic mold production over others.


Moreover, plastic bottle are very popular among many different types of companies. They turn up in stores and as part of the manufacturing process not only in the United States but also around the globe. Companies that utilize plastic bottles include those that manufacture:


* Industrial chemicals


* Beverages – various types of drinks including soda pops, sports drinks, juices, milk and, of course, bottled water
* Food – including cooking oils, some soups, salad dressings, etc.


* Cleaning Fluids


* Lawn and garden products including herbicides, pesticides and nutrients


* Healthcare – medicines of all types are placed in plastic bottles


* Beauty Aids – perfumes, toothpaste, massage oil, various toiletries and so much more


* Fuel Tanks


* Agriculture products

* Tanks – such as brine tanks and cabinets and other types of water softening and purification equipment


Plastic is a given in our society. It has been pervasive or even invasive in its use across many different manufacturing fields. Numerous companies rely on the ability of plastic bottle suppliers to provide them with the containers they need. Many started as plastic pellets before the blowing molding process seized hold and turned them into a finished product waiting to be filled.


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