The Importance of Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Towing for Semi Drivers

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Towing Service

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When a semi cab breaks down on the road, fast and effective Truck and Trailer Towing becomes a huge priority. The driver cannot just leave his big rig sit there for any length of time, as it’s a safety hazard for all the other traffic passing by. The driver also risks getting a citation from law enforcement if the rig isn’t moved relatively quickly. It’s best not to wait until a towing company receives a request from a police officer to have the equipment removed.

This individual needs a heavy-duty tow truck to haul the cab, and possibly the trailer, to a repair facility. In some cases, the trucking company can send another driver out to pick up the trailer and deliver it to its destination. If the driver is independent, however, this is usually not an option. The towing service must be able to handle not only the trailer but the heavy load it contains.

Depending on the location, heavy Truck, and Trailer Towing services sometimes must cover a great distance. A driver whose equipment breaks down in the southern California desert may need a San Diego towing service to pick up the cab and trailer. A company such as USA Towing & Recovery has employees who are skilled and experienced in this type of work. It requires a certain level of expertise compared with towing passenger cars, just as driving a semi truck requires skills that drivers of small vehicles don’t need. The tow driver may have to transport the rig dozens of miles, dealing with both highway and city traffic. Safe maneuvering is crucial.

Trucking companies and independent drivers may keep a short list of the most reliable heavy-duty towing services, so they call as soon as they know they need assistance. They don’t want to waste time searching online and trying to figure out which company to contact. Breakdowns, of course, are never planned ahead of time. There’s nothing in the schedule to provide 30 or 60 minutes attempting to learn which towing company provides the best service. These trucking professionals want a towing service that takes the problem as seriously as they do.