The Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Business

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Grease traps are essential components of the drainage systems of restaurants and similar establishments. In many areas, they are even required by the municipal sewer authority because unchecked grease will clog the sewer systems. As the name implies, a grease trap separates grease from the wastewater and holds it until it can be taken away by a professional service or until the trap is too full to hold any more.


A trap size is usually chosen that will allow the restaurant to go quite a while between cleanings, but that isn’t so big as to cost more money than is really necessary. No matter what size is used, however, eventually the time will come. It’ll be time for grease trap cleaning in Cape Coral Florida. Getting the trap cleaned will remove the grease that it’s already trapped, and ensure that it can keep doing its job. Allowing it to become overloaded may result in fines since that would allow grease to enter, and possibly clog, the sewer system. Sewer workers will trace a grease clog back to its source, so grease trap maintenance isn’t something that can be ignored.


Grease trap cleaning in Cape Coral Florida is usually done by a septic and drain service. These companies already have the equipment needed to get into drains and tanks and pump out their contents. It’s a simple matter to turn the cleaning equipment onto a grease trap instead of a septic tank. Typically, a grease trap will first be pumped clean of mobile grease. Then, pressurized water or solvents are used to free up the grease that has solidified into the part. Another pumping will eliminate that slurry, and the trap will once again be ready for operation.


Most restaurants will have this work done while they’re closed in order to minimize disruption to the business. Establishments that are open all night, however, will need to avoid using the drains while cleaning takes place. The process is generally fast enough that not too many dirty dishes will pile up during the procedure even at 24-hour establishments. Scheduling grease trap cleaning for slow periods is still a good idea.