The Importance of Copper Plating Services

Copper (Cu) is a widely used metal in industry today. It has several special properties which make it extremely useful. In fact, this metal has many benefits and they can be extended to other materials with the help of copper plating services. Here is more on this soft brown metal and the process of copper plating.


Did you know that standard pennies are not made of solid copper? Instead, they use zinc and place a coating of copper on the metal. This provides all the benefits of copper but at a much lower cost.

How Plating Works

In order to plate something with copper, you need a method for transferring the metal on an atomic level. This can be done by passing an electric current through metal (electrode) to be coated and a copper anode. When this is done in a copper sulfate solution, a thin coat of copper can be applied.

Electroless plating is also common these days and there is no need for electricity. Here is an example of a simple electroless plating process to give you an idea how copper plating services work.

The basic ingredients include a metal nail or screw and a citric acid or vinegar solution. You can also use the juice from a lemon and some pennies. Put the solution in a glass, add salt and pennies.

Take an iron screw or nail and sand off any finish with something like steel wool. Insert the screw or nail and let is set for an hour or so. This should give you a copper coated item.

Methods Used

Today’s copper plating services can use one of several methods. In fact, some processes utilize cyanide while others do not. In addition, companies may use alkaline or acidic baths when plating materials. They can create many kinds of parts for a wide range of uses.

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