The different types of wallpaper

by | May 14, 2014 | Home And Garden

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If you are about to embark on a redecorating project which will include wallpaper, then there is a few things to bear in mind as there are a few different types available. It’s quite important that you understand which custom wallpaper works well in the room which you are redoing. Wallpaper that is ideal for the dining room will probably be the wrong choice if the target room is the bathroom. Let’s have a look at the different wallpapers which are commercially available.


Vinyl coated: Just as the name implies, this wallpaper is treated with a thin veneer of either acrylic vinyl or PVC, polyvinyl chloride, during the manufacturing process. As they are vinyl coated they are easy to clean and can stand up well to long term exposure to high humidity and grease. Due to its durability and properties it is the wallpaper of choice for use in bathrooms and kitchens as it can be scrubbed with no harmful affect and is not affected by the steam and water that is usually found in the bathroom. When the time comes for a change, vinyl coated wallpaper is easy to strip from the walls.


Coated fabric: This type of material consists of a base level of fabric which is then coated with liquid vinyl. This type of material is not intended for nor recommended for use in humid areas such as the bathroom, it also is not a good candidate for an area where grease splashes are unavoidable. These types of fabrics are an ideal choice however for areas where one can expect low humidity.


Vinyl with a paper back: Both paper backed and solid sheet vinyls have a sheet of paper or pulp backed to a vinyl surface. Because of the decorative vinyl surface, these forms of custom wallpaper are also good candidates for use in the bathroom and kitchen. This paper is very popular and can be used in any room in the house. Not only does it have excellent properties for application, it is also easy to keep clean, can be scrubbed and it peels off easily when the time comes to remove it.


Vinyl with a fabric back: This type of wallpaper is considered to be the most durable; it consists of a layer of fabric, laminated to a sheet of solid vinyl. Since the vinyl is solid and not applied as a liquid, it is very hard-wearing.


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