The different types of home swimming pools

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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There are many different backyard pools that will suit just about any budget. Small above ground pools with limited filtration may be on the one end of the spectrum while an inground pool with water features such as a spa or waterfall may be at the other end. Above ground swimming pools in Cape Coral FL are reasonable easy to set up and in most cases they can be set up and ready to use by the homeowner. This is not so with in-ground pools that take considerable excavation and the pool itself must be installed by professionals.

The simplest pools are hard plastic and not much more than a wading pool for a child, from there the next step up is an inflatable pool. An inflatable pool can be quite large, certainly large enough for the family to enjoy but not deep enough for active swimming or diving. These types of pools do have several advantages; they can be drained and moved and rarely do the need a ladder or other aid to enter or leave the pool as they are not deep enough.

Most family size backyard swimming pools in Cape Coral FL are above ground and consist of a plastic liner and a frame. The frame is often metal; the average depth of these pools is about four feet although they can be deeper. Entering and leaving the pool is done via a double sided step ladder, one side is in the pool and the other is outside. Some of the more elaborate above ground pools are surrounded by a deck which gives them an ambiance similar to that of an inground pool. Most above ground pools are left erected all year long although those in extremely cold weather will usually be taken apart and stored until the following spring.

For those families who enjoy swimming and gardening and have every intention of staying in their homes for many years; they will often opt for an inground pool. Inground pools are constructed of a fiberglass or vinyl liner, concrete or gunite. An inground pool can be free form or strictly geometric in shape. In ground pools can have many embellishments that above ground pools cant; depending on the budget these can include spas, whirlpools and waterfalls.
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