The Different Prosthetics Used For Dental Oral Surgery in Kittanning PA

There are millions of people in the United States who could use oral surgery. Countless people battle with missing teeth, underbites, misalignments, and so forth. All of these problems can be solved with the Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA has to offer. Let’s take a look at the variety of procedures that are available to you.

Dental prosthetics are very popular in this day and age, and have been popular for many years. People use these prosthetics to help correct their smiles. An example of a prosthetic would be a dental implant. Dental implants are very popular because of how convenient and effective they can be. Dental implants are made to look, feel, and act exactly like real teeth. In fact, it’s possible to have a mouth filled with dental implants. You’ll need to consult with a professional dentist if you’re considering the Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA offers.

Veneers are another example of dental prosthetics. These are nothing like dental implants. One of the main reasons veneers are used are because they’re a quick fix. Most patients use them for aesthetic purposes and nothing more. They are usually made from porcelain and look exactly like the real deal. In fact, some dentists place whitening agents inside of them to help patients whitening their teeth as they wear them.

If you’re missing several teeth, you don’t need to have them all replaced by dental implants. The Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA offers provides dentures and partials as well. Dentures are prosthetics that are made to look like real teeth, but that are able to be removed like veneers. Dentures are effective at correcting your smile, but aren’t every effective when it comes to eating and chewing.

Partials are simply portions of whole dentures that can be used to fill in empty spaces between teeth. Having empty spaces between teeth can cause teeth to shift. Partials are much cheaper than dentures and dental implants.

If you’re interested in any of the above dental prosthetics, consider speaking with a dentist. A dentist will examine your teeth and determine whether the Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA offers is necessary. If it is, then a procedure will be picked for you.

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