The Different Options for Wheelchairs in Ledyard, CT

If you or someone you love is unable to walk due to an injury or illness, Wheelchairs in Ledyard, CT are available to make moving around easier. There are a wide range of wheelchair options to choose from, including manual and electric. The following information will be beneficial in selecting the best type of wheelchair for your needs.standard or traditional wheelchairs in Ledyard CT are the most common type of wheelchair used. This type of chair typically has a foldaway frame made from metal and a fabric seat and back that resemble a sling. Traditional wheelchairs have changed in their overall design several times over the previous years to include lighter materials as well as more flexible and safer use. Standard wheelchairs are designed to be pushed by someone else, or the user can turn the wheels for movement. Self-propelled wheelchairs typically have larger wheels to make it easier for users to push the chair on their own.Motorized or electric powered wheelchairs do not require physical effort to move the chair. This is the most convenient type of wheelchair, especially for those who travel independently and have little to zero walking abilities.

Motorized wheelchairs are ideal for those who have little upper body strength, which is required to move a standard wheelchair. Electric/motorized wheelchairs are battery-operated and require the use of buttons or a joystick to steer the chair. Electric wheelchairs are designed to be comfortable for those who rely on a wheelchair for extensive periods of time. An electric wheelchair is often used by those who suffer with arthritis, obesity or heart conditions because it does not require users to exert themselves during movement.Sport wheel chairs are often custom made for the user because they are specifically made to be used for someone who plays sports. The sports wheelchairs are designed to be sturdy, have ease of maneuverability and speed. When choosing a wheelchair, it is important to keep the user and their needs in mind. For example, if the person lives alone and is completely disabled, an electric wheelchair will allow them more accessibility to outside activities. It is important to have a wheelchair sized to fit the individual as well, and it is important to maintain the condition of the wheelchair, such as checking the wheels and keeping the metal frame clean and dry to prevent rust.

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