The Dangers Of Diesel Exposure

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Law Services

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The exhaust from diesel engines has been classified as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Cancer Research. Diesel fumes contain a lethal mixture of gasses, chemicals, and harmful solids, and are easily inhaled into the respiratory tract, including into the lungs.

Even short time exposure to diesel fumes can cause irritation, and complications can quickly escalate with long-term exposure. Employees that are exposed to diesel fumes must be aware of the potential legal effects, as they have the right to hire diesel exposure lawyers and demand compensation.

Many workers are exposed to diesel exhaust, and this is often worsened by inadequate ventilation. Drivers of heavy diesel-powered trucks, those who work on the railroad, and miners are all subjected to elevated levels of diesel emissions. Parking lot employees are similarly exposed. Research has proven that people exposed to diesel exhaust are at risk of lung cancer.

The symptoms:

Exposure to diesel exhaust can have immediate health effects. Those exposed for even a brief time will find that their eyes, nose, throat, and lungs become irritated. Continued exposure can result in persistent coughing, nausea, and headaches. Numerous studies have been made, the results of which indicate that those affected by an allergy are more susceptible to those materials that they are allergic to. Diesel exhaust exposure also will cause inflammation of the lungs and respiratory tract, which in turn will aggravate symptoms of respiratory disorders such as asthma.

Symptoms of diesel exhaust exposure can vary. Before you dismiss any complaints that you might have about your health, it is wise to consult with diesel exposure lawyers in Chicago. Those that are most at risk of high levels of diesel exposure are truck drivers, railroad workers, those living close to expressways and heavy equipment operators.

According to the World Health Organization, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable, all the scientific evidence supports the claim by the AIRC that exposure to diesel can cause cancer.

Those people that are at risk of diesel exhaust related illnesses should consult with experienced diesel exposure lawyers as they may be eligible for compensation. To discuss your case, contact the Hughes Law Offices. Like us on our facebook page.